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“We seek to be proud of our country, and allow the latter to contribute to the development of the world, whether on the economic, environmental, civilisational, or intellectual levels.”

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman


Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Estidama mission is to find, invest in and build stronger
businesses. It is by supporting the development of strong
sustainable businesses that Estidama can
consistently deliver excellent financial returns to partners
across economic cycles.


Our Vision

Continue our record of developing some of the world’s most
successful, market-leading businesses; to be the partner of
choice for business owners and management teams that are
motivated to achieve their full potential & to be a positive contributor to our society.

Creating Value

Apply high level of selectivity

Deep understanding of target sectors

Utilizing capabilities

Supporting portfolios


Partnership & Exit strategy

Investment Portfolio

Sector groups

  • Media
  • Health
  • Education
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Innovation

By countries

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Khobar, Saudi Arabia
San Francisco, USA

Investment Portfolio



  • Phase I
    • Market reports
    • Data analysis
    • Workplace “ Office”
    • Connectivity
    • Business planning
    • Access to consultants
    • Project design
    • Business plan & Budget
  • Phase II
    • Corporate registration
    • Lawyers
    • Website
    • Hosting, email, ERP. Etc
    • Social Platforms management
    • Content creation
    • Advertising
    • Printing
  • Phase III
    • Accounting Firm
    • Financials
    • Taxes & VAT
    • Social media
    • Advertising
    • Projects recommendation
    • Access to Database
    • Partnerships


  • Presentation Meetings

    Concept, Initial projection, Pre-money valuation

  • Investment & Legalization

    Term Sheet, Agreements

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